Horizons Youth Services, through innovative leadership and job training programs, provides today’s youth with the education, skills and vision they need to build bright futures for themselves and their communities.

As an operator of Job Corps centers for the U.S. Department of Labor, Horizons Youth Services provides innovative, quality educational and job training programs to enable young people to succeed in today’s competitive job market and keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of our worldwide economy. Horizons Youth Services currently operates and/or is a sub-contractor for the following Job Corps centers – Carl D. PerkinsCharleston, Muhlenberg,  ClevelandBlue Ridge and Potomac centers. Please click here to learn more.



Job Corps Centers

Horizons Youth Services currently operates the following Job Corps centers:


Job Corps Center

Carl D. Perkins

Job Corps Center


Job Corps Center


Job Corps Center - Subcontractor


Job Corps Center - Subcontractor

Pennsylvania Outreach & Admissions

Job Corps


About Us


Horizons Youth Services, which began in 1983, helps young people obtain the quality education and relevant job training skills they need to be competitive in today’s rapidly-changing job market. HYS also focuses on providing young people with important life skills and a sense of responsibility that enables them to be productive citizens who can and do improve their communities and their world. Horizons Youth Service believes that programs must focus on the entire person, not just on educational and job training skills. As a result, Horizons Youth Services has developed and operated numerous innovative youth programs throughout its 30-year history that focus on leadership training and team development, including training specifically for Student Government officers at Job Corps centers. For more information about this innovative leadership training program, please click here.    


Horizons Youth Services provides Job Corps center operations for the U.S. Department of Labor at the following centers: Muhlenberg Job Corps Center in Greenville, Kentucky; Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky; and Charleston Job Corps Center in Charleston, West Virginia. In addition to operating the Job Corps Centers, HYS manages Outreach and Admission operations for the entire state of  Pennsylvania. HYS also partners as a subcontractor with Serrato Corp., operator of the Cleveland Job Corps Center in Ohio, and with Education and Training Resources, operator of the Turner Job Corps Center in Georgia.


Horizons Youth Services helps young people build bright futures for themselves and their communities by focusing on the development of skills that unleash the potential in them to become productive citizens. To be productive citizens, young people must:
  • Understand and live by the values of honesty, respect and dependability.
  • Be committed to continuous self-improvement and life-long learning.
  • Contribute to and serve their communities.


Horizons Youth Services creates dynamic and responsive educational environments that enable young people to develop the knowledge, abilities and skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market, position themselves for future success, and create a love of knowledge, education and civic responsibility that will benefit them throughout their lives.



Our most important resource is our talented, skilled, dedicated employees. Please consider joining our team and making a difference in the lives of our students and in the communities in which we operate. To inquire about job opportunities with Horizons Youth Services and the centers/contracts we operate, see list below. To apply for Available positions online, click the appropriate link below:

Horizons Youth Services Hotlines

Horizons Youth Services is committed to the safety of all students and staff and to providing a prompt response to data integrity concerns and employee grievances. Please click on the appropriate link below:

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Innovation Program

Innovation Program

Innovation Program

Horizons Youth Services values the ideas of all our employees as we strive to continually improve our operations. Our Innovation Program enables staff to submit creative ideas for review and possible implementation. These best practices help Horizons Youth Services maintain its position as a dynamic, responsive leader in the arena of youth training and development programs. Thank you for supporting our Innovation Program.